How to apply wall stickers

Your stickers, have been packaged  in a way to prevent creasing during postage, please lay stickers flat for 24 hours prior to fitting.  You may wish to place a heavy book on top of the stickers to ensure they are completely flat prior to application.

If walls are  freshly painted, leave 4 weeks prior to fixing stickers.

Step 1:
Clean the surface where you will be applying the Wall Stickers. Make sure the surface is dry, dust-free, oil-free and smooth. 
Step 2:

Plan your design. Some of our Wall Stickers are made easy to apply by providing the thumbnail of final presentation. Simply follow the thumbnail to apply the stickers.For the products without the thumbnail, you can cut out the shapes and use a small piece of masking sheet to layout and temporary stick the Wall Sticker on the surface. Adjust the layout until you are satisfied.


Step 3:
Peel off the backing paper and slowly stick the Wall Sticker from top to bottom at the desired location.After the application, wipe the sticker carefully from its centre to outward direction with a clean and soft cloth or a plastic card. By doing so can help the stickers attach to the surface strongly and prevent air bubbles.



If, for whatever reason, your stickers are difficult to use or do not adhere properly, please contact us for advise.